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Build Connections & Get the Scoop on Downtown Development June 15

The Commercial Real Estate Alliance invites members to "Downtown Connections" -- an opportunity to build industry connections and get a preview of big commercial developments in downtown San Diego.

High-Performance Homes: A Course from SDG&E to Give You a Foundation

In a free introductory SDG&E webinar on Monday, June 6, learn how high-performance homes offer new routes to increased profits as they guide clients to homes that are often superior.

60 Days of Digital Marketing Secrets Coming Your Way in Virtual Event

Being a great marketer is an essential role for every REALTOR®. At C.A.R.'s "Marketing Experience" on Wednesday, June 1, you'll have a front row seat to marketing gurus, industry experts and top agents sharing powerful tips.

REALTOR® Volunteer Days: Your Team at SDAR is Getting Involved!

SDAR's team members are participating in the REALTOR® Volunteer Days  by joining  local philanthropic projects benefiting Ronald McDonald House's Red Shoe Day (6/2), Alta Vista Botanical Gardens (6/4), and Feeding San Diego (6/9).