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COVID-19 and its impact on the real estate industry

COVID-19 Virus is Claiming Older and Younger Victims

San Diego has lost many people as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, but the newest victims give reason to pause.

NAR Hosts Session on Stimulus Package, SBA Loans, Unemployment

Join NAR Advocacy policy staff professionals as they answer your questions and provide you with the knowledge and resources you can turn to in the future.

Non-Profit Needs Help Keeping Kids Fed During Crisis

It’s All About the Kids, a food pantry that serves families from over 45 San Diego schools, needs help keeping kids well-fed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Virtual Open House Function Now Available in Paragon!

The new virtual Livestream Open House function is available now in Paragon. Paragon has the functionality to set up and schedule open houses using your preferred streaming service, such as Facebook Live or Zoom.