2016 Paragon Software Update Releases

v 5.52 Paragon Release on 5/4/16

To improve workflow, a new “Weekend View” icon has been added to the Calendar Widget.

  • Calendar: Weekend View

An update was made to the Map view which displays when a client clicks the Map Icon from the Hyperlink View.

  • Email Hyperlink View

With this release the CMA Summary fields preference screen with the CMA Presentation will now display the MLS defined fields (greyed out) and allow up to 11 fields to be added for customization, which include the fields defined by the MLS.

  • CMA: – Update to CMA Presentation: CMA Summary Fields

Update to MLS Number Search:
A correction was made to Power Search to return all results when one or more MLS numbers are entered and separated by commas.
Support for forward slash in Office Name Search
A correction was made to support searching for Office Names which may contain a forward slash (eg.-RE/MAX).

  • Power Search

  • Agent and Office License Display: (Internal work still needs to be done before the information will begin to populate – stay tuned!) The existing License field that appears on the Agent Roster, Membership Roster and Agent Report has been updated to have a new label of Agent License. A new Configurable Office License field has been made available as well. These changes fulfil the growing need to make the Agent License and Office License more prominent throughout the system where the Agent name is displayed.

A new configuration is available which allows the MLS to elect to have the Feature Categories expanded or collapsed by default. San Diego MLS is selecting Collapsed as the default..

  • Features

The future of Client Connect is almost ready. Click on the link within your current Contacts who have Client Connect to view an AGENT ONLY preview of the next generation of the Client Connect. (Residential Detail View Sample created, more Property views to follow)

  • Sneak Peak of Client Connect 2:

v 5.51 Paragon Release on 3/9/16
Formerly, events could only be edited or deleted from the Day View causing users to have to scroll through numerous days in order to get to an event they wanted to remove.

  • Calendar: Improvements to workflow

To improvevisibility of the Help, Log Off, and Collapse Banner buttons, new easy to notice icons have replaced the former links.

  • Update to Help and Logout menu items

Due to issues with the functionality relating to Do not Make Default option we have elected to remove this option from the Quick Search Customization window.

  • Quick Search Customization: Removal of “Do not Make Default” option

To improve system performance, the Search Auto-Count feature will not display counts until criteria has been entered into at least one Search fields or the User clicks the Count button.

  • Update to “Auto-Count”

When an email address does not exist in the Contacts/Address Book, the email will display with a green “plus” icon. Selecting this icon will allow users to quickly add basic information and save the email address as a Contact Record.

  • Quickly create a new Contact Record forun-associated email address

By popular demand, users can now select a default report for emails sent manually from the system. This eliminates the additional step of selecting the desired report each time a user sends a manual email with listings.

  • Select Default Report for Email

Two new selections are available in the Source drop down menu: Referral and Social Media

  • New options within Source dropdown menu

A new optional feature for Overall Trend Stable Range has been added to the Market Conditions Addendum Report. Users will be able to add a high and low limit and save the Stable Range for use when running the report. The report has also been updated with columns displaying the Year 1 Overall Trends and Year 2 Overall Trends.

  • Improvements to the Market Conditions Addendum Report (1004MC)

Two new banners have been added to the Client Connect Preferences section. These two banners provide additional options when choosing the right banner for your MLS.

  • Additional Banners for use in Client Connect

Introducing Power Search! This is a new option for the top navigation search field which includes the ability to search via Street Name, Listing Agent, Listing ID’s, Asking Price Range, Saved Searches, full Property Addresses, Contacts, Offices and Members (where applicable). The New Power Search gives Users the ability to quickly find targeted results in these highly used areas of the system.

  • Power Search – will be turned on March 15th:

The report that had Agent Hit Count and Client Hit Count has been expanded to include:
# of Unique Agent Hits
# of Unique Client Hits
# of Saved Searches that included the listing within the search results
# of Contacts that have saved searches associated with them that include the listing within the search results
# of times the listing property details have been views
# of times the listing has been flagged as a favorite# of times the property has been emailed from the system either manually or via auto notification
# of times the listing has been view from an email link

  • Listing Activity Report – will be turned on March 22nd:

2015 Paragon Software Update Releases

v 5.50 – Paragon Release publish date, December 9th

  • Image Upload Interface (replacing the need for Flash): The new photo uploader will support dragging and dropping of photos into the dialog box as well as support the upload of photos via iPad and other tablets.

  • Interface for Pagination Controls: Updated for better visibility. The buttons used to move to next, previous, first, last, etc have been enlarged with new buttons.

  • BCC: Correction was made to the BCC email preference. The BCC option, if checked will automatically add your e-mail address to new e-mail notifications, new client connectnotifications , or any manually composed e-mails. It will not update any existing contact settings.

  • Correction Email Notice: The correction email has been expanded to include the Listing Agent Name, Listing Agent ID.

  • Tour and Open House: -You can now search by Listing Agent or Listing Office for a Tour and/or Open House.

  • Tour and Open House Spreadsheets: – System can now have up to 3 Custom Tour and Open House Spreadsheets

  • Listing Activity Report: – Testing Now – The report that had Agent Hit Count and Client Hit Count has been expanded to include:

    • # of Unique Agent Hits

    • # of Unique Client Hits

    • # of Saved Searches that included the listing within the search results

    • # of Contacts that have saved searches associated with them that include the listing within the search results

    • # of times the listing property details have been views

    • # of times the listing has been flagged as a favorite

    • # of times the property has been emailed from the system either manually or via auto notification

    • # of times the listing has been view from an email link

v 5.32 Paragon Release on 10/7/2015

  • Homepage Calendar: New Look, Fell and additional functionality! : This release will introduce new functionality and an updated interface for the Home Page Calendar. Key enhancements include the ability to add recurring events, All Day events, include hyperlinks via the rich text editor and integration with Paragon functionality such as Calendar Tasks and Listings Due to Expire.

  • REPORTS:: Ability to have Firm created reports to share with FIRM, similar to the current Office function.

  • Mapping: Several corrections and interface improvements will be made to Mapping, including a new easy to use interface for editing shapes.

  • Contact/Notifications: Addition of Expiration Date to Contacts Management.
    For Fast Access to Pertinent Information! An End Date for Notifications is available in the Contact grid to easily see when an active Notification is set to expire

  • CMA: New Basic CMA Presentation Template: – This template has limited graphics and coloring which will not conflict with Office Branding.

  • Updated to Financial Calculator: – Bug Fix on Buyer’s Costs

  • Enable Expiration Notices on Partial Listings: These emails will folow the same 7 day notifications as the standard listing expiration emails.

  • MLS Documents: Ability to add Office and Firm Documents to share within the office or firm.

  • New Naming for Zip Code 88888: Within USA

  • New Naming for Zip Code 99999: Outside of USA

  • New Country Added: Mexico

  • New Mexico States Added: BJ=Baja California, BS=Baja California Sur, SO=Sonora

  • New 3D URL Field Added: For 3D Virtual Tours

Publish Date: August 19, 2015

Video Tips on Map Controls: New Map Controls

  • New and Improved Map Tools: Changes to Bing Map Views and improved Mapping Tools.

  • Market Monitor Modal: Verbiage change in several of the Market Monitor Tool Tips.

  • Custom Report Views ability to send as Hyperlink: CMA Quick View and Tour and House Report available as a hyperlink within Email.

  • Expired Notification for Partial Listings: Activation of expiration notice of Partial Listings about to expire.

  • Contact Email Search – Agents will now be able to search via email address for any contact that contains that email address in their information either as primary or spouse or additional email address. Also ability to search for all gmail customers etc…
    i.e. @gmail.com will return all clients with a gmail account.

Publish Date: July 16, 2015

  • Quick Search Enhancement: Ability to save Criteria on the Quick Search Template.

  • Contact Enhancement: Date Added Field available on the Contact Grid as a way to sort your contacts.

  • New Notification Option: “Notify on Initial Photo” when the initial photo is added to a listing.

  • Co-Listing Agent will be able to receive Listing Expiration Notification.

  • List or Sell Agent field will select names based on the BRE License Number

Published on May 6, 2015

  • Market Monitor has been updated to include Inventory widget functionality. Click on the Gear Icon to adjust your widget.

  • Ability to Rename a Listing Cart

  • New CMA Processing Message plus the ability to go and do other things on Paragon while processing.

  • Client Connect Site – discontinuing the Weather Widget on Home Page and replacing it with a How to Use Client Connect Video Viewing screen.

  • Revamped Header and Footers for Paragon Statistical Reports

  • Sales Detail Report will now Display Rented Properties

  • Ability to distinguish Hard Coded Fields in the CMA Summary Report – this will help so when customizing, the user will not add duplicate fields.

Published on March 11, 2015

  • Ability to set-up Notifications from the Saved Search Screen

  • Ability to use Short Value names on the All Fields Customizable Report

  • Ability to add documents to the CMA Prensentation

  • Ability to sort listings on the Maintain Screen via grid names for Listings or Partials

Published on February 4, 2015

  • Auto Save for Listing Input

  • Additional Supporting Documents for CMA Packets

  • Ability to search for List OR Sell Agent (getting that functionality back)

  • Ability to search for Active or Inactive agent Inventory when needed.

  • Photo Editing tools within Paragon

2014 Software Update Releases

Published on July 16, 2014


  • CMA Summary Statistics

  • CMA Summary Field Customization – Add Averages to All Integers/Floats

New Beach User Theme
Update to the Sales Detail Report
Ability to Add Associated Documents to Partial Listings
Quick Search – Spacing of search containers has been added

Published on August 27, 2014

Hotsheet – Ability to make the Hotsheet Spreadsheet the Default View
Action Icons – Consumer facing icons for Walkscore and Mapping
New Report – Search Results Summary Report

Published on October 8, 2014

Agent Listing Preview Mode
Pending Selling Office/Selling Agent Information Enhancement

  • When marking a listing Pending beginning October 8th the Selling Office and Selling Agent will become required again.

Tour/Open House Thumbnail “All Listings” Report Fix
Agent Photo/Logo Display fuzzy on Client Connect Site Fix
Fix for CMA generating intermittent 404 Errors
Hotsheet sort not sorting on any other result view. Only works on Hotsheet Report and not Hot Sheet Grid
Update PDF Convert Service
CMA Summary is displaying a comma in AVG and Mediam rows for Year Built Field
Include NULLS in all free form and lookup fields.
Client Connect- Improve User experience, the View Detail button behavior within Client Conncect has been updated to take the user right back to the same page he/she was previously visiting.
Rename Saved Searches – you asked for it, we delivered! Users now have the ability to rename Saved Searches on the fly.

Published on November 19, 2014

  • Status Change Notification Option – For any existing contacts who want to be notified when listings change statuses, you now have the option to turn on this feature.

  • CMA Summary – Ability to add Feature and Feature Categories to the CMA Summary Report.

  • Map Search – New clarity text added to the Search by Map Field

  • Agent and Membership Roster – changed to Full Description for Status and Agent Type within the Roster reports.

  • Listing Input Maintenance – ability to separate the feature questions and to add them back to their relative fields – like HOA Fees now will have HOA Fees Include option within the same flow of Listing Input.

  • CMA Fix – Photo being overwritten by Prepared By Info.

  • Unit # being added to the Pub Link on the Left Pane on Email notifications.

*Currently the above items are scheduled for the listed version release dates. Additional enhancements are expected and will be added to this page as soon as they are confirmed. All items are subject to change based on Programming and QA processes that may delay or move the above targeted items. Revised 11/18/14