SDAR Election of Board of Directors

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Election of Your 2020 SDAR Board of Directors

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Election Process for 2020 SDAR Director Positions

Nominations closed as of May 17 for the positions of 2020 SDAR Directors.

The Nominating & Election Committee will be interviewing qualified candidates prior to the June board meeting. The Candidate Guide will be available online in mid-August. The election of 10 new Directors will be August 19-29, 2019.

Timeline of Election of Board of Directors

June 21 - Board of Directors approves recommendations for election ballot.

July 8 - Deadline to petition to be on the ballot AND in the Candidate Guide.

July 19 - Record Date (Voting members must have their current e-mail address on file at SDAR prior to this date. Contact Member Services at (858) 715-8040 or go online to your SDAR Account to ensure your e-mail address is current.)

July 26 - Deadline to petition to be on ballot only*

August 19 - Online voting begins at 8:00 a.m. (E-ballot sent via e-mail to all eligible members.)

August 29 - Online polls close at 5:00 p.m.

August 30 - Nominating/Election Committee meets to receive results.

September 20 Election results posted at SDAR office and on

December 4 - Annual Meeting (President declares election results)

* Petition Process as per SDAR Bylaws: "Additional candidates may be placed in nomination by a petition filed with an Officer of the Association at least 30 days before the election, signed by 2% of the REALTOR® members eligible to vote" (as of Record Date).

Call (858) 715-8035 if you have questions about the election process. ​​​