Whether you have a salesperson or a broker license, SDAR can assist you in renewing your license, every step of the way. We are dedicated to helping you succeed at every point.

It’s recommended that you start the renewal process at least six months before it expires.
Don't know when your license expires? Find out here.

Education Requirements
Live Classes
Visit our Education Catalog for a list of classes to renew your license.

Online Classes

Renewing Your License
There are two ways to submit your license renewal:
1. Online through CalBRE’s free eLicensing system
2. Mail forms to the CalBRE Sacramento Office


CalBRE also offers step-by-step instructions here.

*Officer and Restricted Licenses and Continuing Education Exemptions If you have an officer’s or a restricted license, you are not eligible to use eLicensing to complete your renewal. In addition, if you meet the requirements for CE exemption and are filing the exemption for the first time, you may not use eLicensing to renew. After CalBRE grants your exemption, you may renew online for each subsequent four-year renewal.


You will need to mail your renewal paperwork, along with a check or credit card payment form, directly to the CalBRE. Because of lengthy processing times, it is recommended that you send your complete renewal package no later than 90 days prior to your expiration date.

Late Renewals

You are allowed two years beyond your license expiration date to renew on a “late basis”; however, when your license shows as “expired” on the CalBRE website, you cannot perform any acts for which a real estate license is required—including receiving a commission! If you don’t renew within two years from your license expiration date, you will forfeit the right to renew and you will have to start all over again as a pre-licensee.

The CalBRE's eLicensing Help Desk number is 916.263.8987, or call the CalBRE direct at 877.373.4542.