• Detached - Neither the residence nor any attached garage shares any wall with another property. This category also includes zero lot-line properties. The residence and/or attached garage is separate, disconnected and shares no common façade, roof or exterior wall.

  • Twinhome - One of only two units attached by a single wall, façade, ceiling, roof or garage.

  • Townhome - One of 3 or more units attached horizontally; each unit is typically 2 or more stories, but can be single story; no unit located above or below the subject unit; can be attached on one or two sides, but not on three sides; typically would have a front entrance and access to a yard or patio at the rear or side of the unit.

  • Row Home - One of three or more units that are attached by a façade, roof or walkway.

  • All Other Attached - An attached unit that does not fit the definition of Twinhome, Townhome or Row Home. Is typically part of a larger building with units above, below or on three sides. This style is meant to convey the characteristics of the building not just the unit listed. The “Unit Location” field gives additional info about the specific unit. For example, if the subject property is a penthouse or end unit attached at only one wall but part of a large multi-story building, it should be placed in the All Other Attached category.

  • Manufactured Home - Includes all homes which were constructed in substantial or in part at a location other than the final property address. This category is independent of whether “real estate is included”, the property is on a foundation, HCD documents have been filed, the form of ownership, or the property is on the tax rolls.

  • Modular Home - Modular homes are built in sections at a factory. Modular homes are built to conform to all state, local or regional building codes at their destinations. Sections are transported to the building site on truck beds, then joined together on site. Local building inspectors check to make sure a modular home's structure meets requirements and that all finish work is done properly.