SDAR Expands Global Reach with Partnerships in South America

The Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS® (SDAR) is paving the way for members to expand their business with international clients by forming new partnerships with real estate associations throughout South America. Recently signed reciprocity agreements in seven South American counties will enable REALTORS® to grow their referral business while sharing best practices to ensure confidence with international clients.

As foreign investors return to the United States and new market trends emerge, arrivals from South America have recovered the most toward pre-pandemic levels. Among all international buyers in the United States, California ranks as the second largest destination – where 11 percent of foreign buyers in the market are from South America. SDAR is helping members tap into a share of this market by making it easier to connect with international buyers seeking to purchase real estate in San Diego and providing more opportunities to earn commissions from referring local buyers to properties in South America.

“SDAR is devoted to helping our members succeed by finding new and creative ways to improve their business and access more clients,” said SDAR President Chris Anderson. “Real estate is about building connections, knowing the market, and paying attention to detail. We are proud to partner with our colleagues in South America to share information and form new relationships on behalf of our members.”    

The accelerated adoption of new digital technologies and marketing tools in the real estate industry make it more convenient than ever to participate in the global real estate market. These technologies, combined with the steady return of international travel create the potential for significant business growth for agents and brokers. SDAR’s dedicated Global Real Estate department is working to expand access to clients around the world by building collaborations with foreign real estate associations.

In South America, SDAR recently signed reciprocity agreements with associations from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru. These partnerships will facilitate business growth among members while upholding the highest standards of practice that clients everywhere have come to trust. In Brazil, the real estate sector is continuing to improve, particularly for foreign investments and luxury properties. Brazil’s Federal Council of Realtors (COFECI) recognized SDAR for its professional expertise as a committed partner in the industry.

“COFECI, the second largest real estate association in the world, is very pleased to have begun a cooperative relationship with the San Diego Association of REALTORS®,” said João Teodoro, COFECI President. “We are certain that this relationship will result in increased business opportunities for our members. We look forward to working closely together for many years to come.”

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