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Economists Believe that Home Sales Momentum will Continue this Fall

Buyers continue to purchase homes for sale at a frantic pace, usually in less than a month after going on the market. With mortgage rates staying at near record lows, buyer demand likely will remain strong.

How to Keep Millennial Buyers from "Swiping Left" on a For-Sale Home

Yes, they want it fast, easy, and it better be perfect. That pretty much sums up the typical millennial homebuyer today. An article has put together a list of ways to make a less-pristine home into one that less "swipeable."

More Assistance to Landlords Offered Through Rent Relief Program

If you’re a housing provider, expanded rental assistance is now available to you under the California Rent Relief Program. The program provides financial assistance for unpaid rent to residential landlords with eligible tenants.

Young Adults Eye Homeownership with Savings from the Pandemic

recent survey on the housing preferences and influences on the younger generations found that three in five are planning to use money they have saved during the COVID-19 pandemic to put towards a down payment on a home.