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Young Adults Eye Homeownership with Savings from the Pandemic

recent survey on the housing preferences and influences on the younger generations found that three in five are planning to use money they have saved during the COVID-19 pandemic to put towards a down payment on a home.

Misgivings about Pandemic Purchases & How to Reassure Your Clients

Recent home buyers, whose lifestyles changed overnight in the pandemic, may have rushed to purchase a property to accommodate a new housing or location preference. There are strategies you can employ to help clients.

Preparing for Extreme Heat and Wildfire Risk: Protecting Life & Assets

As California endures record high heat and increased wildfire danger, the Department of Insurance has advice to help keep safe, stay informed, and review your insurance policies to help protect yourself and your assets.

How Much are Sellers in the Current Market Really Reaping Benefits?

How much are sellers in the current market really reaping hefty benefits? How are they feeling about the selling process? What desired outcomes are guiding their selling decisions? has done the survey.