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NAR President Issues Statement After White House Meeting on Debt Ceiling

National Association of REALTORS® President Charlie Oppler issued a statement this week regarding his meeting at the White House with President Biden and business leaders on the debt ceiling:

Federal Reserve Keeps Rates Near Zero, but Expect Interest Rates to Rise

Interest rates are expected to soon rise, even as the Federal Reserve announced last week that it would keep its benchmark rate near zero. The Fed, however, warned that it was preparing to taper its emergency stimulus efforts.

Economists Believe that Home Sales Momentum will Continue this Fall

Buyers continue to purchase homes for sale at a frantic pace, usually in less than a month after going on the market. With mortgage rates staying at near record lows, buyer demand likely will remain strong.

How to Keep Millennial Buyers from "Swiping Left" on a For-Sale Home

Yes, they want it fast, easy, and it better be perfect. That pretty much sums up the typical millennial homebuyer today. An article has put together a list of ways to make a less-pristine home into one that less "swipeable."