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Oct. 13 "Scoop" Puts the Spotlight on Commercial Opportunities

SDAR's "The Scoop - Power Hour" series is hosting a special episode Wednesday, October 13, focused on commercial real estate in the region. our agenda includes an update from SDAR's partner, CRASD.

September 9 - Panel Discussion on Sea Level Rise and Coastal Concerns

Coastal management policies will determine the future of our coastal communities and the sustainability of homes, businesses and infrastructure along California's coastline. Attend an upcoming webinar.

July 14 "Scoop": Your Advisory Form for Evictions and Rent Control

Learn about the SDAR Risk Management Committee's new form, the "Residential Eviction and Rent Control Advisory," which can be used in a transaction to advise landlords or property owners about the County's ordinance.

Virtual Event on June 17: STEPS to Financing the American Dream

In a virtual program on Thursday, June 17 from STEPS Toward Homeownership program, attendees will acquire financial literacy knowledge and strategies to bolster their referral pipelines in the local community