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Use Facebook to Connect with Prospects and Generate More Revenue

On Wednesday, March 3, social media consultant Melodie Tao will review the best ways to optimize your personal Facebook profile and grow your Facebook Business page to attract more buyers and sellers in 2021.

Webinar on Wednesday: Learn About Commercial Loans from A to Z

On Wednesday, March 3, the Commercial Brokers Association (in partnership with our Commercial Real Estate Alliance of San Diego) is presenting a webinar to help you better prepare to advise commercial clients. 

Glide Webinar on Feb. 23: The Simple, Safe Transaction Experience

In an introductory webinar on Tuesday, February 23, we will also highlight how members can access the SDAR form library and use MLS integration to set up transactions, pre-fill forms, and complete PEADs.

When You Hear "No" - A Course on Becoming a Rejection-Proof Agent

Real estate is not an easy business. On Wednesday, February 24, SDAR and real estate coach Michael Montgomery present a webinar to learn the steps needed to build a rejection-proof real estate business.