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REALTOR Safety Month Tip: Are They Who They Say They Are?

Even with the advantage of caller I.D., you can be tricked into a conversation with someone you don’t know. Scammers feed off of your reactions in order to engage you and ferret out information.

REALTOR Safety Month Tip: Put Together an Emergency Kit

There are times when common sense can keep things moving along in case of "mini" emergencies​​. during house showings. Assembling a few supplies to have in your trunk will also help ensure safety.


What Skills Will You Need to Sell in the Post-Pandemic World?

Because consumers have more tools available to ease the home buying process, agents are no longer the gatekeepers they once were. But real estate is a high-value transaction and the "human" element will never disappear.

Pick Up Your Free "Practice Safe Real Estate" Kits on Sep. 23 & 29

While supplies last, on Sep. 23 and 29, members can stop by and pick up a complimentary "Practice Safe Real Estate" kit that contains face masks, foot coverings, hand sanitizers, and other items to support your business.