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Will the Return of iBuyers Be a Challenge for Your Business?

iBuyers have mostly resumed purchases, albeit at a slower pace, but will their promise of contactless closings amid social distancing protocols cause further disruption in the real estate industry?

Top Ten Listing Violations - A Must-Watch from SDAR Risk Management

Don’t miss our latest episode of “There’s a Form for That” with the top ten most common listing violations and explain how you can stay compliant with your business.

Support REALTOR® Champions and Issues in General Election

Vote for your REALTOR® champions and be informed on the many priority issues affecting real estate before safely casting your ballot, arriving this week.

Practice Safe Real Estate - Pick Up Your Free Kits Tomorrow

While supplies last, members can stop by and pick up a complimentary "Practice Safe Real Estate" kit that contains face masks, foot coverings, hand sanitizers, and other items to support your business.