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Open Houses are Back! New Guidance Offered to Show Properties Safely

SDAR is pleased to announce that the "Open House" fields in Paragon and connectMLS are now active, and you can schedule your open houses within state guidelines.

Reduce Risk -- and Bumps in the Road -- with Multiple-Offer Situations

Across the country -- and certainly in San Diego -- listings are being scooped up so quickly that there’s little inventory accumulation. Multiple-offer situations can lead to some bumps in the road.

Amid Rising Interest in VA Loans, Opportunities Abound in Military Niche

Even if you're a real estate pro without a military past of your own, you can find great success working with military and veteran home buyers and sellers. It's about "knowing where they come from."

For Real Estate Goal Getters: Quantify the Value You Bring to Clients

Real estate coach Lee Davenport proposes a sure-fire way to sales agents to succeed in achieving their goals. Quantify why you're in real estate and the value you bring to your clients without diminishing your worth.