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Four Important Lessons for Getting Started as a Real Estate Professional

Real estate is a rewarding profession and one that truly allows you to manage your own business. The first piece of advice from one up-and-coming sales agent is to treat real estate sales as a business.

REALTOR® Safety Month Continues with Resources, Classes and Videos

REALTOR® Safety Month is under way, and the observance raises unique issues for the industry and your livelihood. Make sure you have a firm foundation and a personal safety protocol.

On-Demand Webinar: Landlords Can Get Financial Relief Through State

The California Association of REALTORS® recently hosted a webinar to help members who are residential landlords and housing providers learn how to get financial assistance under the California Rent Relief Program.

Amid Home Supply Woes, Some Looking into Real Estate Development

Diversifying business streams amid a period of record-low inventory has encouraged some real estate pros to "create their own inventory" by scaling up on land development.