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Don't Miss Out! Get Started with connectMLS, Your Mobile Solution

connectMLS is your new mobile solution for MLS services! It's a feature-rich MLS option that lets you manage your listings from any device, from any location, when you want and need to support your clients.

Building Your Own Real Estate Brand? Maybe You're Wasting Your Time

NAR contributor Alex Craig says that by spending time trying to build your own brand, you end up competing against yourself and wasting time and money when the goal is to be capturing more leads.

How Real Estate Pros Help Buyers and Sellers Avoid Costly Mistakes

Those who are not trained in buying or selling property as an agent or attorney should seek professional help. Agents should take the time to communicate to potential clients how they can protect them from risk.

Fresh Business Planning Tips and Scripts to Start 2021 Off Right

This article from the REALTOR® Magazine includes a simple "care call" script to reach out to past clients, and five tips for the goal-setting component of your business plan for the new year.