Advanced Negotiation for REALTORS®

This 4-hour course is designed to be the second in a 2-part series that provides tools and information helping students to understand the fundamentals of negotiation, along with different theories of how to negotiate in the context of negotiations that REALTORS® perform every day.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to negotiate commissions;

  • How to educate a Buyer or Seller about the present market with up-to-date current market conditions and values;

  • Help to help a Seller realize that a list price that doesn't budge on price or terms will become an expired listing;

  • How to refuse to enter into a contract at a price that you know absolutely will not result in a deal!

  • Develop a positive relationship and improve negotiations with the other agent and those in related services including Escrow, Title, Termite, Inspectors etc. to help the deal go smoothly;

  • How to effectively prepare for a negotiation by identifying and evaluating goals, leverage and concessions;

  • Understand who you represent and how to make Dual Agency work;

  • Overcome obstacles and successfully close (and know when to "walk away" from) the deal. 

This course covers five major sections: 

  1. The Negotiator's Role

  2. The Seller (Listing Process)

  3. The Buyer (Purchasing Process)

  4. The Escrow Process

  5. Dual Agency

Instructor: C.A.R Instructor

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