Utility Information

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San Diego Gas & Electric

  • San Diego Gas & Electric   

    • SDG&E makes energy conservation easier to accomplish with "My Account." By signing up for SDG&E's My Account, customers now have access to their new energy management tool that customers can use to better understand and manage their energy use. http://www.sdge.com/energy-management-tool
    • Interested in exploring the latest green technologies and learning about state-of-the-art energy efficiency? Feel free to stop by SDG&E's LEED Platinum building Energy Innovation Center and take a look! http://www.sdge.com/eic
    • Save money and energy by taking advantage of SDG&E's low-cost and no-cost energy efficiency programs! Start with the Residential Energy Use Surveys  that will provide a free in-depth energy use analysis.
    • Do you know there is a Compact Florescent Light (CFL) equivalent for every incandescent light bulb? That newly remodeled kitchen or bath can be beautiful and energy efficient – click here to find out how!
    • Selling or buying a house that needs an A/C tune up? Home cooling and heating can account for up to 50% of a home's energy use? SDG&E has many rebates and incentives that can help you or your clients save money and energy on everything from refrigerators to insulation. Click here to learn more!
    • Click here to read the Your Whole House Energy-Savings Guide
  • WhiteFence Search 

    • Compare options or find out what services are available in your neighborhood including cable/tv, internet, phone service, and more.
  • New to San Diego 

    • See lists of providers for various utilities including electricity, water, and telephone.
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